Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WALT: Make an Advertisement

This week we were making adverts for a particular object. Our object was Pizza. Check our AD out!!

I think we did well on adding interesting adjectives.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

WALT: Write a Prediction for a story

Pt:3 No:3 1997
Author: Maggie Lilleby

 For our school’s challenge there  was a bike race for the mountain bikers. They got timed by a stopwatch.  My best friends,Glenn and Simon Foster were bikers like me and we're competing . It was the school’s first race ever . There were lots of obstacles like puddles, mud and potholes. All the bikers had their head down. On the last part of the race we had to go downhill to finish the race. At the race track Glenn fell into one of the potholes, so he had to walk down the hill. I saw that Simon Foster was walking too. They finally got to the end and tied in third place. Glenn’s Dad was very proud of both for them for winning third place.

I think we did well on our prediction. Next time we should put in more detail.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

WALT: Use Persuasive Writing

Why School Hours should be Increased
School hours should be increased because  children will be able to learn more, you won’t have any left over work to finish and we wouldn’t have to do homework! Once you know all our reasons why school hours should be increased then you will be on our side.
Our first reason is kids would be able to gain more knowledge, learn more and learn new  things.  There are a lot of kids that are struggling in classes. Having longer class time means that a lot more stuff will be finished and you don’t have to leave.

Our second reason why school hours should be increased is that children could get all their homework done.  If there are longer school days they would have time to do this at school and teachers worry so much about students not doing homework! The kids who normally don't do homework would do it and not waste time playing video games.

Our third reason why school hours should be increased is because you wouldn’t need to leave time to do homework. You wouldn’t need  to do homework because you would gather more knowledge and wouldn’t have to go to after school education.            

So now you have heard all our reasons why you should increase your school hours.  Ask your principal now to INCREASE YOUR SCHOOL HOURS !

By :Tanisha, Khushi and Piranavie

I think I did well in working in a group.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

WALT: Use Persuasive Writing

TV is a bad invention

TV is a bad invention because it damages your health, it doesn't let you play with your friends and you could be wasting precious time.

TV is a bad invention because it damages your health. You keep sitting and your eyes start to dry out. Your spine could get damaged because you may have bad posture from lying all over your couch. If this happens you might have a sore back which will cause you to be uncomfortable or give you pain.   

TV doesn't let you play with your friends outside and get fit.  TV just requires you to sit in one place for hours and hours which is bad for your body. Too much TV really is bad for your brain. Young adults who watch a lot of TV and don't exercise much may start to see the effects of their unhealthy habits on their brains as early as mid life, a new study suggests. Science has discovered that if you watch educational programs you might follow what they do and that's how it changes your brain forever. When you're sitting in front of the television, you're not exercising so you're not burning as many calories! Watching too much television might also lead to more aggressive behaviour.

You could be wasting your time watching TV and you could be doing something fun! Why do you watch TV?  There are awesome inventions called bikes and roller blades which will get you outside in the fresh air, playing and doing fun sorts of exercise. If you're a kid and you watch a lot of TV, you might not do your homework and end up in time out or get into trouble with your teacher.  

TV is a bad invention! We suggest that TV should be banished from the world. It could damage your health, it doesn’t let you play with your best friends and you would be wasting your time watching TV and doing nothing. Everyone knows that TV is a horrible, disgusting, brain sucking invention. So get rid of your TV NOW!!!

I think I did well on working together with Vanessa.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Picasso Art

This week we were learning about Pablo Picasso then made a funny picture. Check mine out!!!

I think I did well in making it look weird.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Piranavie - Describing me

Write your description below:
I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be describing my family ethnicity, why my family immigrated to NZ and my traditions

My Family is Sri Lankan. We speak the language Tamil. Both my parents are from Jaffna in Sri Lanka. I was born in Colombo, Sri lanka. I came here with my family. We immigrated from Sri Lanka to New Zealand on December 10th 2014, because my parents wanted me to receive a good education and my family wanted a better life.

In Sri Lanka, at my grandma’s house, we have pictures of my great grandparents and other family members. We celebrate cultural festivals like Thai Pongal and Tamil New Year. Thai Pongal is specially celebrated by farmers to give thanks to the sun because the sun gives light and rain which is used for farming. In Thai Pongal day, we make pongal (a special food) and pray for God. Tamil New Year is celebrated to remark the beginning of the first day of the Tamil calendar. On this day we wish people good luck and we exchange sweets.  We also celebrate religious festivals like Deepawali and Navarathri. On the day of Deepawali we light oil lamps, light fireworks and go to friends and families house. Navaratri means nine nights for God Durga, on this day we go to the temple with friends and family members and pray for God Durga.

My family is important to me because they are always pushing me to do my best. In the future I will tell my own kids about my family traditions so they can learn more about the Sri Lankan Tamil culture. I hope they share this with their children so my family’s story and traditions continues for a long time.

My student reflection: I think I am Extended Abstract because I predicted, evaluated and explained.